DNA Test Anomally Suggests the Royal Family May Not be Particularly Royal

By Gary Cutlack on at

Analysis of the DNA of Richard III's immediate family suggests there's a break in the royal bloodline, meaning someone, somewhere along the line, fathered someone with someone they weren't supposed to. So our Royal Family may be descended from a handsome gardener.

Researchers checked the DNA of Richard III's great great grandfather Edward III, then looked for the Y chromosome that passes between fathers and sons in his descendents. But it's not there, suggesting some sort of infidelity event took place at the heart of the royal lineage.

Kevin Schurer, the University of Leicester's Professor of English Local History, said: “The first thing we need to get out of the way is that we are not indicating that Her Majesty should not be on the throne. There are 19 links where the chain could have been broken so it is statistically more probable that it happened at a time where it didn't matter. However there are parts of the chain which if broken could hypothetically affect royalty." [Telegraph]

Image credit: Henry VII from Shutterstock