Gross People are Taking Selfies Outside of the Sydney Hostage Crisis Cafe

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you've been paying attention to world news this morning, you'll be well aware that there's a hostage situation taking place in a cafe in Sydney at the moment. An alleged Islamist gunman is holding 15 people against their will, and has claimed to have planted four bombs in the city.

It's a terrifying situation for all involved, with a tense standoff between armed police and the gunman still playing out. No-one knows yet how this is going to end.

But it's the year of the Selfie! And you know what that means? SELFIE TIME! Yay! Pull your smartphones out, primp your hair and put on your best smiles -- lets see how many new Instagram followers you get by playing it cool at the scene of a life-or-death crime:

Selfies aren't exactly classy at the best of times. But this is just low. Citizens of Sydney -- if you do insist on eyeballing the tense situation, shelve your narcissism and show some respect and compassion for those experiencing something incredibly harrowing.