Is the Queen Getting Ready to Abdicate Her Throne?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Will the year in which the Queen sent her first tweet be her last on the throne? A sudden surge in bets predicting the monarch's abdication has lead many to speculate that Elizabeth II may be preparing to pass the royal torch to the younger members of her family.

Coral had been offering odds of 10-1 that Her Royal Highness would be stepping down, and would announce she would be passing the keys to Buckingham Palace as part of her annual Christmas Day speech at 3pm. But unusual betting activity, including one punter putting up a £200 stake, has lead the bookmakers to hold on accepting further bets.

“Throughout the year there has been major speculation about the Queen’s future but today’s gamble has really caught us by surprise,” Coral’s Nicola McGeady told the Independent.

“As far as we are concerned there’s no smoke without fire when bets like this come through all in succession, so we have decided to be safe rather than sorry and pull the plug on the market."

Spokespeople for the Queen offered only a stock response, stating it was not in Palace policy "to comment on any bookmaker's work."

Though still going strong, the Queen will reach the ripe old age of 89 next April. She's had a good stint on the throne, taking the crown on February 6th, 1952. I'd say it's odds-on that Charlie placed that two tonne bet. [Independent]

Image Credit: Her Royal Highness from Shutterstock