Report: Mozilla Will Get Firefox on iOS

By Jamie Condliffe on at

For a long time, Apple hasn't allowed Firefox to appear on iOS. Now, Mozilla wants to changes that.

Speaking at an internal meeting, it's claimed by TechCrunch that Mozilla's VP for Firefox Jonathan Nightingale explained: "We need to be where our users are. So we're going to get Firefox on iOS."

It's unclear exactly how that will happen. It seems unlikely Apple will suddenly start allowing third-party browser engines, so it'll probably have to work with Apple's, figuring out how to have such a system support Firefox accounts, bookmark-syncing and the like.

Given most of us now rely on using the same browser across multiple devices — to keep favourites and bookmarks in sync if nothing else — the move could help boost Firefox's popularity. That might no be a bad thing, given its success has waned of recent time. Now, let's just see if it can pull off that switch to iOS first.

Image by Francesco Lodolo under Creative Commons licence.