Samsung's Curved SE790C Ultra-Widescreen Monitor Looks Ripped Straight out of Star Trek

By Gerald Lynch on at

So, we can't all have a space-faring set-up fit for the Millenium Falcon in our spare rooms, but that's not to say our computers can't have a taste of Star Trek chic to them. Samsung's new SE790C curved ultra-widescreen monitor just needs a touch of lens flare and it'd look fit for the bridge of J.J. Abrams' USS Enterprise.

Measuring 34-inches with a 21:9 screen ratio, the 3,440 x 1,440 LCD curves to deliver a "3D-like" effect to its user, if you believe Samsung's marketing spiel. Sadly, Samsung's opted for a VA panel rather than a richer, superior IPS one, so it's not the complete premium solution you Saudi princes may have hoped for. Still, perhaps that'll mean us mere mortals can afford one -- Samsung's yet to reveal UK pricing or availability, but the fact that it's pointing local press towards the screen suggests it's on its way. [Samsung]