Samsung's First Tizen Telephone Looks Tepid

By Gerald Lynch on at

We've waited what feels like an eternity for Samsung to finally put out its long-gestating first Tizen phone. Its own operating system (and a chance for the company's phone division to no longer need to be beholden to Google and Android) it's now looking likely that January will see the release of the company's first homegrown hardware/platform double whammy.

Rather than being the high-end Samsung Z we'd heard rumours of back in the summer, January's phone will be a more sedate affair. The Samsung Z1 will run Tizen on a 4-inch display, powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz processor. With a WVGA resolution and a 3.2.MP main camera, the dual-SIM equipped phone is looking like an entry level offering even if its metal build (pictured above) suggests a more premium device. As such, its launch will be aimed (initially at least) at emerging markets, with a CIRCA-£80 price tag touted for its alleged Indian debut at the end of next month. [Phone Arena]