St Paul's Furious About London's Garden Bridge Plan

By Gary Cutlack on at

The current managers of St Paul's Cathedral have come out rather firmly against the plan to create the Garden Bridge across the Thames, claiming the latest reworking of the riverside will further diminish the standing of one of London's oldest and most famous buildings.

In a letter to Westminster council, which approved plannning for the new garden bridge last month, the current protector's the old church thing said the new bridge would trigger "...irreversible impacts on some of most iconic the views of St Paul’s," with cathedral managers saying they don't appear to have been consulted about plans for the park/bridge hybrid.

Suggesting some occasional glimpses of the cathedral Londoners get as they hurry from coffee shop to coffee shop may be lost, taking something quite valuable away from the fabric of the city. [Independent]

Image credit: St Paul's from Shutterstock