This is What it Looks Like to Build the Crossrail Train Line

By Chris Mills on at

While us lot sleep and eat up on the surface, the land beneath the capital is undergoing one of the biggest construction projects to ever happen in our fair and pleasant land: Crossrail, a new high-speed underground (and partially overground) train line. New photos released from the build put all that in perspective.

This Is What It Looks Like To Build A New Subway

The work is nearing completion: eight giant tunnelling machines, like the one you see above, have already bored 23 miles of (gigantic!) tunnels beneath all the hustle and bustle above. Practically anywhere you go in London there are traces of the build happening as construction sprawls onto the surface – it really is a huge feat of engineering. With six of the machines now done, the 2018 in-service date isn't looking too ridiculous. To check out the rest of the the photos at the excellent IanVisits blog. [Ian Visits]