What is Your Favourite Christmas Memory About Tech?

By Darren Orf on at

Christmas holds some of the most visual memories of gadgets and gizmos, especially when I was kid. You're presented with a deluge of gifts that on any other normal day would make you faint from excitement, but during the festive season you channel that raw excitement into your voracious tearing of wrapping paper.

The Christmas holidays just have that special blend of new toys + no school that cemented certain electronics into my brain. I was fortune enough to receive a couple video game systems in my youth during Jesus's b-day bash, and I subsequently remember wanting to play them for days straight or until my eyes started bleeding. You know, whichever came first. I don't know if I was ever as excited as this kid, though...

...but man, those were the days.

So we've asked you about the worst presents you have received, but do you have any wonderful memories of certain gadgets you got during for Christmas? What have been your favourites? It is the season of giving after all, so share your comments with us below.