Bus Strike Silver Lining? London's Pollution Levels are Down Today

By Gerald Lynch on at

Out of breath from all the walking today's bus strike in London has brought upon you? At least you're huffing and puffing clean air; it seems pulling the red people carriers from the capital's roads has resulted in far lower pollution levels than you'd usually expect to see.

According to the London Air Quality Network, the nitrogen dioxide emissions recorded at midday today on notoriously-polluted Oxford Street were roughly just a third of what they were yesterday. While the researchers concede that there are many factors that could be causing the decline in air pollution -- not least the strong westerly winds that today's stormy weather brought with it -- Dr David Carslaw from the Environmental Research Group at King's College London stated that there was a "strong possibility" a lack of buses could have had a significant impact. Carslaw will run statistical models using today's stats against projected levels had today been a regular day for buses, which should give an even clearer picture of the impact the strike had on the capital's air quality. [London Air Quality Network via i100]