Google Teaches Civil Servants to "Greenhouse" and "Brainstorm"

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of high-ranking UK civil servants got to spend a week working with Google last year, during which time they learned to play Paper, Scissors, Stone to break the ice during stony meetings and were told to leave their desks every once in a while to escape the "river of thinking" that comes through the screen.

An overview of what the civil servants learned during their week with Google was put together by media boss Steve Vaughan, who built a list feature that gives us some idea what working at Google is like. It's a bit like Nathan Barley, it turns out, with Vaughan saying we need to learn to be "reductive" and "expansive" in our ideas and continually "brainstorm without limits" -- should your boss be OK with everyone taking a break from manning the machines to chat and look out of windows. [GCS via Independent]