Immersis Projector Wants to Turn Your Living Room Into a Gaming Battlegroud

By Gerald Lynch on at

While Microsoft's Illumiroom prototype shows no signs of ever leaving the Xbox labs, French company Catopsys has its own take on the screen-extending projection idea. Looking like the evil uncle of the Pixar table lamp (below), its Immersis projector will beam your games beyond the boundaries of your screen and onto the walls surrounding you (above).

Hooking up to a Mac or PC for calibration, it uses a 180-degree fish eye lens with a short focal length, letting it use both your main wall and those the sides of it to widen the world of your games. Running at at least 1080p resolutions upon its release, the Immersis software should be able to compensate for curves and corners on walls too, meaning that you'll get a natural-feeling environment without right-angled hills and trees.

The catch? It's a Kickstarter project. Of course it's a Kickstarter project. But with 34 days of its fundraising campaign to go, the Immersis has already raised $59,390 of its $100,000 goal. With all the early-bird models, priced at $1,000, snapped up already, you'll need to cough up for one of the pricier backing levels, or hold out for the $2,500 (£1,650) retail models. Catopys hopes to ship the Immersis by October of this year, but you never can tell with Kickstarter gear. [Immersis -- Kickstarter]