Leak Reveals Pocket-Stretching Microsoft Lumia 1330 Phablet

By Gerald Lynch on at

Nokia's Lumia 1320, the "perfectly usable pocket monolith" of the Windows phone scene at 6-inches is well overdue a Microsoft-branded successor. We've been keeping an ear to the ground for word on the expected Lumia 1330 tablet for some time now, and Chinese social network Baidu has delivered the goods.

Or, its shell at least. The oversized handset's casing, in a bright r--r--royal blue, is shown cradling a Lumia 535, with the leaked handset dwarfing the familiar 535. Considering the 535 measures 5-inches, this is looking to be a case destined for a near six-incher, making it the likely shell for the 1330.

The leaked image, as you'd expect, remains unconfirmed by Microsoft, as do the other rumours surrounding the handset. Thought to be making its debut at February's Mobile World Congress conference, it's said to have a 720p display, Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Big it may be, but very much middle-of-the-road then too. [TechRadar, Baidu]