Nine-Year-Old Boy Lined up to Tug at Heartstrings Over HS2

By Gary Cutlack on at

A child will be paraded before MPs in the hope his tear-filled eyes can encourage them to cancel or amend current plans for the HS2 rail link, with the boy set to complain that the current route will disrupt his sleep.

Little Alex Rukin is perhaps being led by his parents somewhat, thanks to his dad being the man behind the Stop HS2 campaign. As well as disrupting his sleep, Alex's petition to the HS2 hybrid bill committee is based around the notion that business travel is outdated in this day and age and that people ought to bin travelling to meetings in favour of internet messaging.

Alex wrote, possibly while under duress and the threat of having his dad confiscate his iPad: "Your petitioner, who started doing video conferencing at school when he was six, wonders if the old people who say we need HS2 have ever even heard of the internet, Skype or Facetime. Even your petitioner’s dad uses them, and when he went to the same school, they only had one computer on a trolley for the whole school." [Stop HS2 via Guardian]