Take a Look at China's New Gotham-Inspired Batman Casino

By Gerald Lynch on at

Holy high-rollers Batman! Macau's latest casino resort, Studio City, is themed around DC's superhero properties, as the Chinese gambling hub looks to attract new custom after a slow 2014.

As well as the usual hotel space and gaming tables, Studio City will include a number of Hollywood-themed attractions, including "Batman's Dark Flight", an "action packed motion ride" following the caped-crusader as he chases villains through the streets of Gotham, Superman climbing frames and a Wonder Woman go-kart track. The architectural centrepiece of the building is a 130-metre high ferris wheel embedded in the centre of the casino, said to represent "two asteroids shooting through a Gotham City building."

The $3.2 billion resort is quite clearly aiming at families and China's middle classes, an anti-corruption campaign driving away Macau's biggest spenders last year. Opening in the middle of the year, it'll be promoted with a big-budget short film too, featuring A-list Hollywood talent including Robert De Niro, Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt and Martin Scorsese. [Bloomberg]