U.S. Senate Agrees Climate Change Is Real, 98 Votes to 1

By Jamie Condliffe on at

The US Senate has voted overwhelmingly in agreement that climate change is real, with a staggering 98 votes to 1. All that remains, now, is for them to agree on the cause.

While the British government has its own climate change committee thing going on, what the US thinks is almost more important given the rather huge levels of greenhouse emissions coming out of the States.

The vote, Circa reports, was a non-binding amendment to the controversial Keystone XL pipeline bill, which declares that climate change is "not a hoax". Surprisingly, senators who had spoken out previously to declare that climate change wasn't a thing -- such as Oklahoma's James Inhofe -- even voted in support. The single "no" vote came from Mississippi's Roger Wicker.

However, a second non-binding amendment, which laid the blame for climate change at the feet of human kind, failed to pass. Despite unexpected Republican support, the amendment failed to secure the 60 votes required to pass. So as far as the US Senate is concerned, climate change is real -- it just can't decide what's causing it.

Still, as California senator Barbara Boxer noted, the result is "a small victory, but an important one". Clearly, the attitude of deniers is softening, at least slightly, in the face of public opinion and, y'know, scientific evidence. There's hope yet.

Image by davedehetre under Creative Commons license