We All Get Another Chance To Buy The OnePlus One Without An Invite Tonight

By Chris Mills on at

The OnePlus One is very nearly the perfect smartphone, apart from how you buy it. Although it's been out in the wild for almost a year, you still can't just buy one; well, normally – you need an invite. But for a couple hours this evening, you won't.

Between the hours of 7pm and 9pm GMT, OnePlus will let you do a transaction like a normal regular phone company: you give them cold hard cash, and they'll give you a little glass rectangle to call your very own. If you're on the fence about buying OnePlus's £229 flagship killer, you've still got 24 hours to read through our review.

Just remember, though, that there will probably be a new model in a few months, so unless you need 5.5 inches of Androidy goodness in your life right the hell now, you may want to wait. [OnePlus]