Wheezy London Coppers are Failing Basic Fitness Tests

By Gerald Lynch on at

Stop that thief! No, seriously, someone had better, because it seems that some of London's police force won't be able to keep up with any criminals that try to scarper on foot. According to figures found by the Evening Standard, hundreds of Metropolitan Police failed basic fitness tests last year.

The "bleep test" shuttle runs (which you may remember from school, running 15 metre intervals in increasingly-faster times) were introduced in April of last year to gauge whether or not coppers were crime-fighting-fit. Those taking the test were expected to hit level 5.4 (get an idea of how that would work here). But 356 officers (117 of 9,377 male officers tested and 239 of 2,998 female officers tested) failed to hit the standards expected of them.

Only Humberside and Surrey police forces managed to hit a 100 per cent pass rate on the test. Those that fail the test will be afforded two retakes before giving an "unsatisfactory performance" disciplinary, with those that fail given development plans to improve their fitness levels. [Standard]

Image Credit: London Police from Shutterstock