You Can Now Use WhatsApp on Your Laptop or Computer

By Gerald Lynch on at

Do you use WhatsApp? You probably do -- 700 million people around the world are signed up to the mobile instant messaging service. If you prefer to caress the full sized keys of your laptop or desktop computer's keyboard when using the interwebz to chat to friends though, you're now in luck -- WhatsApp is now available on laptops and computers.

It's a web app as opposed to a native desktop client, and it currently only seems to work properly if you're Google's Chrome browser, but it's still handy.

Getting started with the service is a bit tricky though, especially if you're an iPhone user. Due to the way that WhatsApp uses your phone number and SMS verification for security purposes rather than usernames and passwords, you're required to scan a picture of a QR code to initially log in. That's possible on Android, Windows Phone and even BlackBerry, but for some reason "Apple platform limitations" leave iOS users twiddling their thumbs with the mobile service instead. You'll need your mobile device to maintain power whilst using the WhatsApp desktop service (again for verification purposes) but with those criteria met, you're away. [Web.WhatsApp]