3D-Printed Baps Grow Their Own Fillings

By Gary Cutlack on at

This bizarre mesh of vegetables is a 3D-printed bread roll, one that was loaded with fresh veg seeds and left to grow. It's a healthy, self-making sandwich, as long as you don't mind eating the roots of mushrooms and cress and there not being any salty meat and half an inch of butter inside.

The concept foodstuff was created by designer ChloƩ Rutzerveld, whose Edible Growth project is now being shown at Munich Design Week. She says the work has been created to show that: "...high-tech food or lab-produced food does not have to be unhealthy, unnatural, and not tasteful."

The concept snack-of-the-future blends seeds, spores and yeast into one, prints it out on a mesh, then has the buyer wait five days for the stuff to grow. Then it slowly rots away as the owner has biscuits for dinner instead. [ChloƩ Rutzerveld via Cnet]