A Playmobil Martin Luther is Finally Here to Reform the Toy Industry

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Cheaper plastics, terrible battery life, buggy software, and about a million different toys based on Disney's Frozen? It's about time that someone stepped forward and gave the toy industry a good shakedown. And who better than this tiny Playmobil version of Germany's Martin Luther who was last seen nailing his latest theses to the main entrance of the Nuremberg Toy Fair a few weeks ago.

Created exclusively for the German and Nuremberg tourist boards, as well as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, Playmobil's Martin Luther will help celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in 2017.

But Playmobil collectors around the world are going to have a hard time getting their hands on one. The three dollar figure is exclusive to Europe, where the first edition run of just 34,000 sold out in a matter of days. So hopefully Playmobil realises that history is best taught with toys, and puts more of them into production for the whole world to enjoy. [Tourismus Nuernberg]

A Playmobil Martin Luther Is Finally Here To Reform the Toy Industry

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