Banana Producer Creates Wearable/Edible High Performance Sportsfruit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Dole, the company that makes most of the world's bananas in its banana factories somewhere in South America, has upped its game. It's created the world's first smartfruit -- a banana with an embedded LED display to make running even more of an accessorised nightmare.

Designed to help runners in the Tokyo Marathon stay informed and full of energy, the wearable banana features an LED display beneath its skin to track the performance of athletes -- plus, of course, a useful banana for eating. Here's something stupid it made to sell the idea to the world:

Dole's viciously attacking the tech world's current fixation with entirely useless wearables, basically, which is quite a weird thing for a banana distributor to spend its time on. Lovely video, though. [Dole via Engadget]