Creepy-Mouthed Crockery Looks Like It'll Eat Your Food Before You Can

By Gerald Lynch on at

Still struggling with a "New Year, New You" diet? You need to pick up one of Ronit Baranga's plates, complete with their own mouths. While the crockery can't really eat the food placed on it, it may gross you out enough to put aside your portion.

The Israeli sculptor (whose work also incorporates other body parts such as fingers) told the Independent that she intends for the pieces to challenge the way we view tableware.

The useful, passive, tableware can now be perceived as an active object, aware of itself and its surroundings – responding to it. It does not allow to be taken for granted, to be used. It decides on its own how to behave in the situation,

I'm all for it, so long as it doesn't grow legs and run off with my sausages, too. [Ronit Baranga via Independent]