Danny Dyer is Today Telling Tube Travellers to Mind the 'Effing Gap

By Gerald Lynch on at

Danny "You faahkin want some, mate?" Dyer, for one day only (and at one station only) is the voice of London Underground.

The wideboy, Marmite-like actor's dulcet tones can be heard today (Wednesday, February 18th) at Bromley-By-Bow station, telling travellers to use valid tickets, watch out for closing doors and to "mind the faaahkin gap, you pillock" (probably).

Dyer's star turn on the Underground is part of the BBC's 30th anniversary celebrations for doom-and-gloom cockney soap opera EastEnders.

"I can't tell you how much I loved sitting in the Bromley-By-Bow control room with them lovely ladies in their blue coats who work tirelessly," said Dyer.

"I remember I used to go through there and get off at Mile End on the District line and change to the Central line to get to Stratford. It brought back some happy memories. So remember everyone - mind that gap."

Dyer: born to man the pumps at the Queen Vic, and born to voice the indignity of rush hour on the District Line, too. Pukka. [Digital Spy]