Doom Mod Swaps Guns for Selfie Sticks

By Gerald Lynch on at

With publisher Bethesda announcing it is holding its first ever E3 gaming conference this summer, chances are we're going to see a brand new, rebooted Doom for the newest consoles.

Thing is, aside from some shiny new gore effects, there's only so much you can do to update the shooty-shooty shooter. How do you make a 22-year-old franchise relevant for modern tastes?

Why, by adding a selfie mode of course!

That's what the Instadoom mod for the original Doom allows you to play about with. As well as adding Instagram-like filters to the veteran FPS, it also adds a Selfie stick for capturing those "THERE'S A DEMON BEHIND YOU!" moments perfectly. [Doomworld via The Verge]