Photoshop Challenge: Madonna Falling Over

By Gerald Lynch on at

Remember that time Robert Mugabe fell over? And we all Photoshopped the hell out of it? Oh, how we laughed. And now, the gods of light entertainment have gifted us another perfect 'shopping opportunity; Madonna stacked it at the Brit Awards last night, blaming a saucy dance routine, ill-placed stairs and a cape that'd make Thor jealous.

So, it's time once again to flex your Photoshop expertise -- where's Madge falling to? Or over? Or under? Or whatever -- let your imagination run free, and upload your best efforts in the comments section below.

To make it easier to give it a go, here's a rough white background image I made earlier:

If your Photoshop skills are a bit ropey, feel free to post your best web finds down below instead, providing you give credit where it's due. Let's get this ...ahem... bull rolling.