Samsung's Galaxy S6 Combo Detailed on Samsung's Own Support Pages

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Finnish and Swedish Samsung support sites were both found to contain live pages referencing the two versions of the Samsung Galaxy 6 we're expecting to see revealed within weeks, proving that the Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy Edge are both real things.

The listings were for models described as the SM-G920X -- presumed to be the standard Galaxy S6 -- and the SM-G925X, which would appear to be the premium model with the wraparound Note Edge-style screen.

Sadly, the site stopped short of offering any hard tech specs for the two phones, with the listings simple confirming their existence. Current thinking on the tech specs for the latest Galaxy S models suggest we'll see Samsung ditching Qualcomm for its own 64-bit Exynos processor, which will be teamed with 3GB of RAM,  a 20MP camera and a 2K resolution display.

Mobile World Congress should be when the next Galaxy comes out of its protective case and into the light. [Galaxy Club via Forbes]