CyanogenMod and OnePlus Continue Their Very Public Break-Up

By Darren Orf on at

OnePlus and CyanogenMod are at it again, Sony gets in on the self-driving car game, and Facebook eyes up Material Design. All this and more on BitStream.

CyanogenMod and OnePlus's painful separation

There was a time when Cyanogen and OnePlus lived in harmony. The out-of-nowhere Chinese startup created a smartphone that reimagined what it meant to be a "budget device" and it was running the favourite rebel ROM of Android: CyanogenMod. Then the companies started hating each other.

First, Cyanogen penned an exclusivity deal with Micromax, which ended up banning the OnePlus in India for a short time. Then, OnePlus announced that it would be dropping CyanogenMod altogether in favour of its new ROM, OxygenOS. Now, it seems that OnePlus can't help but take one more jab at the rotting corpse that is the companies' working relationship.

An official member of the OnePlus team says that OxygenOS "won't be a community build, but a real OS." Please, apply cold water to the burn.

Essentially, OxygenOS will be a closed ecosystem compared CyanogenMod's open, developer-driven model. In response, Cyanogen's Steve Kondik said "you can love us or hate us, but we have no plans of taking our toys and going home." Yes, the CyanogenMod and OnePlus breakup continues to be painful and is another hard lesson when it comes to public relations for a company that's already had their fair share of bad press. [SlashGear]


  • Lots of phones will be loosed into the wild at Mobile World Congress in March, by LG's upcoming flagship, the G4, may not be one of them. [Cult of Android]
  • Motorola appears to confirm that its wonderful first-generation Moto G will be blessed with Android Lollipop. [Talk Android]
  • Google and Apple are making big moves with self-driving cars, and so is Sony, but in a completely different way. [CNBC]

Your Apps, Updated

  • New UI leaks show Facebook might be gearing up for a Material Design update for its Android app. [Android Community]
  • As the Apple Watch launch nears, Apple invites third-party developers to Cupertino to finish development. [9to5Mac]
  • Sling TV continues to add more and more channels. This time Epix and video-on-demand join the cord-cutting party. [TechnoBuffalo]


  • Android One, Google's cheap smartphone platform, made a huge impact in India, and now looks to expand to the Philippines. [Android Police]
  • Bringing Apple Pay to China is harder than expected. [Mac Rumors]
  • Huawei won't be coming to MWC empty handed. The current rumour is that the Chinese smartphone maker may be showing off a 4G LTE smartwatch. [GSMArena]

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