Spitting Costs Londoners £55K in Fines

By Nick Cowen on at

Do you gob on the street? Do you hurl your saliva into the public realm? Are you a habitual voider of your rheum? Well pack that in! It could cost you dearly.

Ever since Communities Secretary Eric Pickles agreed to an £80 penalty for spitting on the street, every London Borough has had the power to fine people for engaging in this rather vile activity.

And boy, have they been busy: according to the Evening Standard around 700 Londoners have been forced to pay up for letting their mouth secretions loose, and so far a cash pile of £55,000, 120 in fines has been accumulated.

“Spitting is an unhygienic and anti-social act which our residents should not have to witness or walk through,” said Cllr Ian Corbett, mayor advisor for environment and leisure in Newham.

“We began issuing fines in response to complaints from residents and we consider that spitting is as disgusting as dropping litter or flytipping on our streets,” he added. “By issuing these £80 fines we are sending out a strong message that this horrible behaviour will not be tolerated in the borough.”

So there you go, kids. Don’t spit on the street. And if you do and you get fined remember, it’s £50 if you pay up in 14 days. [Standard]

Image Credit: Retro gym coach from Shutterstock