TalkTalk: We Were Hacked, But Only Non-Important Stuff Like Phone and Account Numbers, Addresses etc, So Don't Worry

By Gary Cutlack on at

TalkTalk is currently battling its way through the aftermath of a hack, telling users that their personal details may have been accessed by a third-party. The network says that: "...some limited, non-sensitive information about some customers could have been illegally accessed."

The breach came to light via phishing messages sent to a few subscribers that contained their actual TalkTalk account number and tried to get payment details out of the victims. This led the service provider to investigate, with it now finding that "a small, but nonetheless significant, number of customers" appear to have had stolen account details used to contact them.

TalkTalk says dates of birth and credit card details are safe, probably, although it sounds like it doesn't really know much about it, seeing as it took around three months for details to be made public after complaints were made on its forum about scammers contacting customers. [TalkTalk via Engadget]