The Booty Drum Turns Arse Twerking Into Banging Beats

By Gerald Lynch on at

"It became interesting to see how it would be cool to develop something based around how to shake your ass to music and how you can also revert things and make music with your body [sic]," said a member of the AIAIAI crew responsible for the Booty Drum.

Yeah, yeah: any excuse, right?

Teaming up with Branko, OWOW and TwerkQueen Louise to give AIAIAI users "some new music to enjoy on their headphones or on the dancefloor", the Booty Drum turns movements recorded by accelerometers attached to a dancer's butt into sounds. Each movement can be assigned its own drum trigger, meaning an arse-shake can build up its own percussive rhythms.

And, with a bit of cutting, pasting and a few sweaty crevices, it actually, surprisingly, doesn't sound that bad. Give it a listen in the video below, but if your workplace is a bit prudish, be warned -- some may find the excessive butt-shot close-ups a little NSFW. [YouTube via Engadget]