The Queen's Chauffeur Makes Less Money Than the Average Lorry Driver

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Queen is on the hunt for a new driver, ready to take the Royal Household for a spin on official engagements, or milk-runs when One's fridge is running low.

Requiring a "motivated" driver who is "calm under pressure", it's a role that comes with a massive weight of responsibility – it's not going to go down well if you spin out into a tree with Her Majesty in the back seat, and the security concerns around the Royal family would make even the coolest wheelman sweat. But for all that, the salary is surprisingly low: a successful applicant for the role will only make £24,000.

That's less than the national average of around £26.5k, less than the £25.6k of your standard lorry driver, or the £26k nurses tend to hover around.

Before you tear that application form up however, it's worth taking a look at the perks of the job. As well as 33 days of paid holiday and three square meals a day, you do also get your own digs at Buckingham Palace. That's got to be worth a few quid I suppose... [Standard, Mirror]