There's Smart Functionality Hiding Inside This Retro Pocket Watch

By Andrew Liszewski on at

After reports of their demise at the hands of smartphones were greatly exaggerated, watches are becoming more and more popular again, especially as they start to gain smarter functionality. That goes for pocket watches, too, with this Tissot Pocket Touch gaining an LCD display, a touchscreen interface and a host of environmental sensors.

At just shy of five centimetres in diameter, the Pocket Touch can be slipped easily into a pocket if you don't like the idea of having a watch strapped to your wrist all day. It has traditional analogue hands for displaying the time, but that's backed up with an LCD display providing information about temperature, altitude, compass bearing and other meteorological data provided by on-board sensors.

There's Smart Functionality Hiding Inside This Retro Pocket Watch

A set of physical buttons on the side can be used for changing settings or adjusting the time and date, but the majority of the Pocket Touch's added functionality can be accessed using the touchscreen capabilities of the watch's sapphire crystal dome, or the surrounding bezel. It's also waterproof to a depth of 330 feet and includes a chain to keep it tethered to your person, or for letting you swing it around like you're the cock of the walk.

While it's going for $950 in the US, UK pricing and availability is still to be confirmed (it's noticeably absent from the UK website right now). [Tissot via aBlogtoWatch]