This Cyberpunk Game Will Change How You Look At London

By Matt Hill on at

That's Battersea Power Station above, we're sure you noticed. But what you may have missed is the giant, visored robot holding up the motorway. Yes, this is London… of the future.

In fact, this striking piece of art is by former Capcom illustrator Patrick Warren as part of the groundwork for Capital, an intriguing, in-development sci-fi adventure game for PC that harks back to point-and-click adventures of olde while rethinking the London of tomorrow.

That is, a capital occupied by the cybernetically enhanced, but still in a recognisably retrofitted Britain thanks to a dash of Deus Ex, a pinch of V For Vendetta, an undercurrent of Three Cornettos and a big helping hand from Unity 4.

The Capital team are at pains to point out these are "very, very early" screenshots and won't be representative of the game. But, hey, already, we really can't get enough of that art style…

Written by Explosive Alan Productions' Ash Denton and TV and film-writer man Mike Sizemore, over at the Capital Game blog they're certainly chucking out all the right influences in amongst their coding and concept reveals, from Blade Runner and From Hell to Day of the Tentacle/Full Throttle-era Lucasarts.

The visuals, in turn, are currently a mix of character design by creative director Simon Chong, minimalist angular graphics from Moshi Monsters visual artist Leanne Wade (below) and Warren's more painting-like concepts (top and bottom).

Baker Street station

Indeed, there seems to be something in the air with Brit game developers adding futuristic takes to more local pastures of late, with Volume, Mike Bithell's much-further-along follow-up to Thomas Was Alone, also adding a stealthy layer of sci-fi to Robin Hood's Nottingham.

But Capital is only just getting started. It's made Kotaku's Brit games to watch list, has a playable demo landing in the near future and a Kickstarter campaign following this April. In the meantime it's just rather fascinating watching a game not just come together, but reimagine a city as it does.

Southwark Archway

St Paul's/Shard hybrid HQ