What Was Your Favourite Collective Internet Freakout? 

By Gizmodo on at

While we in the UK were sleeping and people were losing their minds over the colour of a dress, other wholes swathes of the internet were riveted by a live llama chase in Arizona. All work ground to a halt while the world watched the furry creatures' daring escape. Dresses and llamas: welcome to the internet – home of viral madness. On that note, what's the weirdest online hit that you like to remember? We need your help, Giz UK readers.

The great majority of things that go viral probably fall under the category of "weird". Weird stuff is inherently shareable. Like the infamous case of Balloon Boy — wherein everyone had a hysterical meltdown in realtime over a drifting helium balloon purported to be carrying a six-year-old boy inside. Later revealed to be a hoax, Balloon Boy launched a million memes and was all that anyone talked about that week in October 2009. The internet en masse quickly forgets — but we have the best collective brain trust here in the form you, the never-forgetting Gizmodo UK commenters.

What crazy internet event did people go crazy for, that you'd totally text your friends with "OMG REMEMBER THAT???"

[Image credit: edited from Shutterstock/Min Chiu]