You're Not the Only Person that Thinks Apple's Prices are "Outrageous"

By Gerald Lynch on at

 "I believe that’s abdicating your responsibility as a designer."

That was Jony Ives's lightly-veiled dig at Motorola's Moto Maker phone customisation tool in a recent New Yorker profile piece, arguing that a company (that he chose not to identify) was giving consumers too much choice. And Motorola is now going tit-for-tat back at Apple in response.

Motorola president Rick Osterloh told the BBC his company followed a "different philosophy."

"Our belief is that the end user should be directly involved in the process of designing products," said Osterloh.

"We do see a real dichotomy in this marketplace, where you’ve got people like Apple making so much money and charging such outrageous prices. We think that’s not the future.

"We believe the future is in offering similar experiences and great consumer choice at accessible prices."

Motorola, excelling in the lower end of the smartphone pricing tier, certainly makes Apple's mobile wares seem insanely expensive.

"The mobile phone industry’s greatest failure is also its greatest opportunity: to make really good, affordable devices for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money," said Osterloh. However, all the praise in the world for its devices isn't helping its bottom line, with Apple rolling in mountains of cash while Motorola's tight margins leave it still fighting.[BBC]