Android 5.1 Rolls Out With Multi-SIM Support and Device Protection

By Gerald Lynch on at

While all that Apple Watch nonsense was taking place, Google has quietly began the roll out of its Android 5.1 software, the latest update to its Lollipop mobile OS.

First of the new additions to Android is multi-SIM support. Vanilla Android will now support multiple SIM cards if your device has more than one SIM slot, letting you share a device with a family member, or use a separate SIM for business and personal calls.

Perhaps the best new feature however is Device Protection. Should you clumsily lose your phone or have it swiped away by some hellbound mugger, your lost or stolen device will now remain locked until your sign in with your Google account. That's protection that stays in place even if someone wipes your phone or tablet back to factory settings, leaving them with a useless paperweight.

US users on the T-Mobile and Verizon networks also get access to new HD Voice calling options, should they have a compatible handset. There's also likely to be a number of performance and bug fixes, though Google is yet to specify what they may be.

As ever with Android updates, expect Google's own Nexus devices to get the update first, with the likes of Sony, LG, HTC and Samsung to push it their devices later. [Android]