Dyson's Humidifier is Now Available in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this morning Dyson announced a new addition to its already extensive product line-up. It's called Dyson Humidifier, and it's now available in the UK to keep you protected from the perilous threat of dry air.

According to science, the moisture in the air is an essential part in your body's defences. That's because it helps to create a barrier that keeps you protected from airborne nasties, like bacteria and allergens, as well as keeping your skin hydrated. It should go without saying that you should want both of those things. Nobody likes having hayfever and dry chapped skin is irritating as heck.

As the name suggests, the Dyson Humidifier keeps the air nice and moist by producing a fine mist. This is done by pulling water from the Humidifier's three litre tank, sterilising it under two ultraviolet lamps, and breaking it down so that it can be dispersed into the air using Dyson's Air Multiplier bladeless fan technology

A full tank will last you a good 18 hours, but there's also a timer so you don't have to keep turning it on and off manually. That'll be especially handy if you plan on leaving it on when you go to sleep. Speaking of which, the Humidifier is 75 per cent quieter than Dyson's previous multiplier fans -- meaning it's not going to disturb your much needed rest.

But considering how often it seems to rain in this country, what do you need a humidifier for?  Well the air is capable of holding a set amount of moisture, and as the temperature increases it's capable of holding more. The relationship between how much moisture the air is capable of holding and how much is actually there is called relative humidity.

If you bring cold air into your house and heat it up without adding more moisture, then you end up with very dry air. That's not particularly beneficial, which is why Dyson believes you should have some sort of humidifier in your house.

The Skin Health Alliance had this to say on the benefits of using a humidifier:

Research has found that there are a number of health problems associated with low humidity. Most relates to eczema, and the relationship between low humidity and the disease, but more general impacts on skin health include an increase in fine wrinkles, skin roughness, skin elasticity, and scaly skin.

Sadly Dyson's Humidifier doesn't also double as a dehumidifier. You can, however, use it as a regular Multiplier fan, and it will monitor the relative humidity of the room to make sure it's not getting too humid.

There is some bad news, though. The Humidifier is, after all, a Dyson product, so it doesn't come cheap. In fact, buying one of your own will reduce your bank balance by £499.95. But if that doesn't deter you, the Humidifier is on sale now and will be exclusive to John Lewis for the next six months.