HTC Still Has a Smartwatch in the Pipeline Says CEO

By Tom Pritchard on at

For a very long time we've been hearing rumours about an HTC smartwatch, only for that project to be cancelledthen revived, and for HTC to turn round and unveil a fitness tracker. So what happened to the smartwatch? Apparently it's still going to happen sometime in the future.

Speaking at MWC, HTC CEO Peter Chou confirmed that a smartwatch was still something the company is working on. Unfortunately he didn't reveal any other details, like when we might actually be able to go out and buy one for ourselves.

Chou claims that HTC wants to be careful about what products it releases, rather than just launching "whatever". Personally I think that's a healthy attitude, because the last thing we need is the release of another half baked smartwatch hitting the market.

Plus it's not like HTC doesn't have plenty to deal with anyway. [CNET]

Image from PocketNow