Huawei's TalkBand N1 is a Fitness Tracking Earphone Necklace

By Gerald Lynch on at

You’ve got a perfectly good phone in your pocket; do you need to put a wearable alternative on your wrist? Not really, no, but for anyone looking to bridge the gap, Huawei’s got the TalkBand N1.

A wireless stereo Bluetooth headset, it syncs up with the TalkBand app for iOS and Android, letting you track movement, calories and tossy-turny sleeping sessions, allowing you to set goals for each metric. With its own accelerometer built in, and 4GB of storage onboard with which to sideload as many as 1,000 MP3 music files (dependant on quality), you can pop the TalkBand N1 on and take it out for a jog without having to have any other devices weighing you down.

Available in gold, metallic grey and pink shades, the headset is IP54 rated -- that’s splash resistant, which is a shame as full waterproofing would have made it great for swimming with. A 67mAh battery is good for three working days, five hours of hands-free call time or 12 days standby.

When you’re not using them, the N1 earbuds clasp together to form a hoop necklace. In other words, you’re free to wheeze bent over double post-workout, safe in the knowledge the TalkBand N1 won’t fall to its doom on the floor.

No pricing and availability to share right now, but we’ll pass this on as it becomes available.