Hyundai Gets in on the Watch is Your Car Keys Thing

By Gary Cutlack on at

Great news, everyone. They've finally found a reason for smartwatches to exist -- using them as your car keys to save literally fractions of a second each day. With the thrilling possibility that your whole car won't work when the battery is, inevitably, dead, because it didn't go on the charger properly last night.

According to Hyundai, its Blue Link companion app lets owners lock/unlock doors via an Android smartwatch, and, to make it even harder and less intuitive, the features are voice activated -- adding another 'Will it even bloody work if I bother trying?' layer to this needless modern trend no one asked for.

"It is like being James Bond 007 or Scotty in Star Trek" said Frank Ferrara, one of Hyundai's EVPs, and incredibly, you can even beep the horn of technically able Blue Link equipped Hyundai cars remotely. We are definitely at Peak Tech. [Hyundai via Engadget]