Live Out Your Cyborg Dreams With an Oculus Rift-Controlled Robot

By Darren Orf on at

Even before the Oculus Rift has made it into the homes of eager early adopters, the applications dreamt up by developers have proven to be somewhere between genius and horrifying. This one definitely qualifies as genius.

Self-described technology enthusiast and programmer Jonas Lauener created IRE, short for Intuitive Rift Explorer, which is like an adorable cross between Wall-E and Johnny Five. Basically, the robot's head feeds into the Rift's display and the entire automaton is controlled through a normal video game controller. The robot's head mimics the head of the wearer and you can poke around the office or your home from the comfort without ever leaving your chair.

Head over to Lauener's blog to read all the technicals details of this certifiably "great" Rift creation. [Hackaday]