myBBC Wants to Personalise the Beeb to Your Tastes

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week various MPs declared that the BBC licence fee is getting "harder to justify", and a decent number of the commenters noted that they don't feel they should pay the licence fee because they don't use BBC services. But what if there was a way to personalise the BBC so that it's more appealing to you? That's the whole idea behind myBBC.

The idea is to make the Beeb's content more personal and relevant to the people that are using it. Much like any other personalised service, myBBC will be able to recognise you as a person and make sure you never miss anything important. So whether it's TV notifications, sports results, interviews, traffic alerts, breaking news, or even just a recipe you might enjoy, myBBC is going to make sure the BBC is available wherever you are on all of your devices.

You will be required to sign in for myBBC to be able to do its thing, but since you have to do that with services like Netflix and 4OD anyway it doesn't seem like a huge problem.

It's not all about the BBC giving you content, though. It also wants people to get involved, make their voices heard, and have there say about what's going on with the world of BBC programming. Don't like the way things or going? Say something, and try and make some changes happen. You are the ones paying for it after all.

BBC has promised that it's not going to go haywire with collecting your data. The broadcaster has promised that it will only be taking data it needs to deliver you great content and it will be open and transparent about exactly what it's being used for. It's an important thing to ask in this day and age, and the BBC has promised that your data will be kept secure and away from any third parties.

Most importantly you will reserve the right to change or delete any data that's been collected at any time you see fit.

The personalised myBBC app will be launching sometime this Autumn, but the myBBC initiative is an ongoing process that has already begun. The BBC News app already includes a personalised 'myNews' section, and BBC Playlister lets you save music and programming in one easy-to-access place.

It all sounds quite good to me, but do you have any thoughts or concerns? Let us know in the comments.