Passing Russian Bombers Also Disrupted Irish Commercial Flights

By Tom Pritchard on at

It is believed that the two Russian bombers that were intercepted by RAF Typhoon fighters last month also caused disruption to commercial flights in Ireland, causing one to be diverted and another to be delayed.

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) revealed the information yesterday, and confirmed that the disruption was caused because two Russian bombers flew through Irish-controlled airspace, without warning, 25 nautical miles (28.7 miles) off the coast of Ireland. They also had their identifying transponders switched off.

The IAA did confirm that ,despite one plane being diverted to avoid the bombers, there was "no safety impact to civilian traffic in Irish controlled airspace".

The incident came after the Russian Ambassador was summoned to London after a similar encounter in January. It is believed to have been a show of strength from Russian President Vladimir Putin. [The Telegraph]

Featured image from MoD