The Apple Watch Has Already Won a Design Award

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Apple Watch might not be getting an official launch until Monday, but it turns out that it's already an award-winning product. It's gone and won the iF Design Gold Award, and we don't even have an official release date yet.

This year the International Forum gave out 47 gold awards of excellence, and the Apple Watch was one of two products in the telecommunications category to receive one. As to why they choose the smartwatch, the iF's jury had this to say:

"The idea of combining classic materials such as leather and metal with state-of-the-art technology to create a very individual fashion accessory has resulted in a delightful product offering a holistic user experience. The Apple Watch scores highly for each design detail and is an altogether extraordinary piece of design. For us, it is already an icon."

I suppose I can understand giving out a design award before a product is released to consumers, we have already seen it up close after all. I'm just a tad suspicious because none of the features they mentioned that they were impressed by are unique to the Apple Watch.

Unless they meant the digital crown, but if that's the case they should've mentioned it by name. [iF via BGR]