The Selfie Stick Everyone Can Physically, Literally, Love

By Gary Cutlack on at

This throbbing pink thing that I've just told my child is a torch is currently on sale at sex toy emporium Love Honey, and gives users the power to film the inside of themselves with an illuminated HD camera -- ideal if the internet is already saturated with photos of the outsides of yourself.

The product demonstration video of the Svakom Gaga Intimate Selfie Camera Vibrator promises users the chance to record "endoscopic orgasms" while fiddling away down there. Here's the demo. It's OK to watch at work, as she only uses it to film a close-up of her eye:

It's even compatible with Apple's FaceTime tool, so you could, theoretically, beam the footage of the insides of yourself, live, to someone else. For, say, £10 a minute. [Love Honey via Independent]