Tinder Plus is Going to Cost You More if You're Over 28

By Tom Pritchard on at

Are you a Tinder user aged 28 or over? If you were planning on paying up for the app's newly launched 'Tinder Plus' subscription, you should know that you're going to have to cough up more cash each month than all those pesky ungrateful youths.

UK users in their early twenties will have to pay £3.99 for the service, which lets you undo swipes and search for people outside of your immediate area. All the gross old people over the age of 27 will be forced to pay £14.99 a month if they want in.

Tinder has defended the move, claiming that its research found that young people were rather excited about the prospect of Tinder Plus but were more likely to limited by budget. It also pointed out that Spotify offers discounted subscriptions to students, which isn't really the same situation at all.

So if any of you oldies had plans to subscribe to Tinder Plus, but don't want to pay an extra £11 a month to talk to spambots all day, you better start lying about your age. [Tinder Blog via Slashgear]