Virgin's Heathrow Engineers Will Soon be Outfitted With Sony's Smartglasses

By Tom Pritchard on at

Can you think of a reason to wear Sony's SmartEyeglasses in public? Probably, but chances are most of those reasons aren't focussed on pure practicality. Virgin Atlantic has other ideas, and has teamed up with Sony to provide SmartEyeglasses and Smartwatch3 devices for Virgin's engineers at Heathrow Airport.

Starting next week, engineers will be using the two gadgets to assist them with repair and maintenance work. According to Sony the glasses will be used to stream real-time video to technicians and help to speed up technical assistance. The Smartwatch3, on the other hand, will be used notify engineers of job allocations or schedule changes that they need to know about.

This move comes a year after Virgin began using Google Glass and the Sony Smartwatch2 to improve the experience of its upper class passengers. Whether that initiative will continue isn't clear, but SmartEyeglasses would probably have to be a lot sleeker to work as an adequate substitute. [Sony Mobile via Engadget]