Meet the @Cameronettes, Twitter's Unlikely Teenage Tories Who Aren't Quite What They Seem

By Kate Solomon on at

Something strange is afoot in British politics: Ed Miliband has become... a heart throb? David Cameron is considered, like, hot?

A Buzzfeed post about a hardcore group of Miliband loving teenagers went “viral” yesterday, and today the Cameronettes were born; or rather, the hashtag #cameronettes was coined.

But the Cameronettes are not an organic group of amazing teenagers who are razzed off that they can’t vote on May 7 and think the media has treated Ed Miliband like a kicking post for long enough. No, the Cameronettes are in fact... well they’re not really anyone. Started as “a bit of a joke” by 21-year-old student Charlie Evans, it was meant to halt a left wing takeover of Twitter, or something. Because that would be nearly as bad as a rightwing takeover of the free press, wouldn’t it!!!

Anyway, it hasn’t gone all that well. Charlie is now distancing himself as far as he can from the Twitter account, @Cameronettes, that was supposedly created by a girl named Emily who just happens to this morning have realised how much she loves David Cameron. We’d be willing to wager that “Emily” is actually a Tory party intern who pointed out to her superiors that this wouldn’t work but was told to just get on the internet and put this Milifandom stuff to rest. #WikiShappsFacts, relating to 46 year-old Grant Shapps, co-chair of the Conservative Party who was accused of editing Wikipedia pages of Tory rivals, continued trending as Twitter sleuths began to sniff him out as a possible unverified Cameronette mastermind.

That, or:


By contrast, 17-year-old Milifan Abby sounds like a total badass. She won’t give her surname because her parents “really hate Ed Miliband” and she doesn’t want them to find out that she’s inadvertently started a digital revolution in his favour. She’s fighting back against the media for being unfair on Ed and she won’t do media interviews because she’s got AS Levels to revise for.



Despite being a trending topic in the UK today, @Cameronettes is languishing on 130 followers (at time of writing) as opposed to the arch overlady of the Milifandom Abby’s 14,900. Yowch. It’s almost as though people on the internet are not entirely stupid and can tell when things are legit and when things are not. “But #Cameronettes is trending!!!” right leaning social media gurus the world over will cry. Yeah, but have you seen what people are actually tweeting?





Someone also tried to start a #Cleggaholic hashtag. Weirdly, that one didn’t take off.