250,000 Pieces of Lego Went Into This Gigantic Millennium Falcon

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you’re already tired of Star Wars news then May the Fourth is the one day you’ll probably want to avoid the internet altogether. It’s the unofficial Star Wars holiday, and to celebrate the occasion fans at a shopping centre in Melbourne, Australia, helped Lego master builders Dan and Chris Steininger build a massive 16-feet wide Millennium Falcon using a quarter million pieces of Lego.

Surprisingly, the gigantic recreation took only two days to build, and that included an accompanying pair of six-foot tall Lego TIE Fighters that were each assembled from an additional 80,000 bricks. [YouTube via CNET]

This article originally appeared on Leg Godt, a Gizmodo blog on the wonder of bricks, bricks and more bricks